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Happy people participating in a Park'n Dance session

Who Should Attend

A Program for People with Parkinson’s

This program is designed for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers. It helps overcome isolation by promoting social interaction through dance and social time in a supportive group. The dance classes encourage self-expression and can enhance plasticity of the brain which may help with memory and problem-solving. The movement sequences accompanied by music provide opportunity for improving coordination, flexibility, strength and balance. Moving to music may aid in developing strategies for dealing with “freezing.” The program has an accepting atmosphere that builds confidence and a sense of community.

Quotes from Dance for PD participants:

“I look to the rest of the group for inspiration. We are there for moral, spiritual and emotional support.”

“When someone shakes hands with someone who can hardly hold their hand up, they’re honouring the humanness of the individual.”

“It’s a time when you connect, and you don’t have to be embarrassed because everybody else has the problem, too.”

“The feeling I get from being in this group is a feeling that is going to be hard to replace in any other activity. So I hope it lasts as long as I do.”